Turn 9 Action Phase, The Bent Pyramid

Mark is shown Finn’s find, and he in turn shows Image

“Tel el-Amarna?” said Mark, “right, I’ll get over to there at once.” On the way he asked Finn: “Miss Standish, what is she to you, Mr. Edwards?” He also had  time to rest and focus.

Action 1: Rest …the dead whisper to you (Will 4 -1) Tabs rolled 3d6: 463; Improve Lore, then flip card; or gain 1 Glamour Spell, and discard card. 


Action 2: Focus.

Move to Tel el-Amarna (free action).

A camel materialises upon the sand, which looks watery from the sun’s heat. A bedouin on his steed trots up to Mark, Finn and Ruby. He carries a parcel: M. Harrigan, Egypt, and it’s from R. Murphy, U.S.A. Inside are two handguns and a tatty manuscript. “Thanks, Mr. Murphy,” said Mark.


“Ruby and I are–” started Finn, but Ruby gave him a warning look, “Well, let’s just say we’re partners in crime.” He watched on in wonder as Mark received the package. “I didn’t know you could get postal service all the way out here. Who is Mr. Murphy, and how did he know where you’d be?”

“Miss Standish seems to be a great girl; good luck,” said Mark with an encouraging smile. “Mr. Murphy?” Mark expertly checked the revolver’s breech like the soldier he is. “Another one of us, ‘All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players,’ don’t y’know.”

Turn 9 Encounter Phase, Tel el-Amarna


Mark wandered through temple’s ruin. He stumbled across a stairwell with steps which descended underground. Curiosity lead him down into a tunnel, its ceiling painted with a thousand stars. Further on the tunnel diverged into two and then again and again, until Mark was confused by the labyrinth. He carefully blazed a trail, scratching an arrow into the rock at each turn. The chamber he found was a cavernous space; he ducked down upon entering, oppressed by the silent dark around him. Row upon row of holes in its walls housed resting mummies: Why is this place undisturbed?


Combat Encounter: Horror test (Will 4) Tabs rolled 4d6: 2343; spend 1 Focus Tabs rolled 1d6: 3; spend 2nd Focus Tabs rolled 1d6: 2–nuts! Discard Whiskey to prevent 2 Sanity loss. Strength test (Strength 4 -2[Mummy] +3[.45] +1[.32]) Tabs rolled 6d6: 61421reroll 1 die[.32] Tabs rolled 1d6: 2–lose 1 Health.

He leant against a wall nursing the gash which had reopened in his leg–inflicted by the thing in filthy rags who had ambushed him. He gulped down the whisky to mask the horror of it, then threw the empty bottle into the darkness, like a Greek celebrating at a wedding, “Cheers, Finn.”


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