“Mr. Edwards, Miss Standish,” said Mark with a nod. Hastily he hid the whiskey, which Finn had just handed over, inside his jacket. “Something for later, in case things get a little rough,” he smiled mirthlessly; also he pocketed a diary-like book of notes. “Right,” he agreed when Finn suggested they split up and search, “I’ll see if I can find a way into the pyramid.” 
Turn 8 Action Phase, Bent Pyramid
Action 1: Focus.
Action 2: Trade with Finn (who moved before Mark).


Mark relaxed by taking in the sights of Egypt. The Bent Pyramid is such a curious structure, he thought, how odd that an absolute king should accept such a tomb? and also he wondered about Nephren-Ka and his his mummified corpse within, cold and lifeless? and his spirit, did it wait eternally, ready to rise-up if summoned? “I will succeed–I must!”

“Eh, what, monsieur?” said a corpulent Frenchman. “Nothing–rien,” said Mark, “excusez-moi,” and bowed.

He mingled with a crowd of tourists. He saw an unusual fellow, taller and younger than the others, and accompanied by a woman dressed all in black. “I’ve the feeling,” he stopped the man, “that we two are not here on a sight seeing trip?”
Turn 8 Encounter Phase, The Bent Pyramid
Small hieroglyphics are inscribed throughout the pyramid. You try to find them all (Observation). If you pass, they direct you to a lost treasure; gain 1 Relic Unique Asset. If you fail, you start to see the symbols everywhere you go; gain a Paranoia Condition.
…try to find them all (Observation) 2; Tabs rolled 2d6: 56


Mark reconnoitred the Bent Pyramid. The glare and heat of the afternoon sun was oppressive, so he leant against several titan blocks, wiping away the sweat from his brow. The cool stone at his back shifted and sand poured from a fissure. He touched a hieroglyph which had been revealed, tracing the pictogram chiselled thousands of years before. The fissure was wide enough for him to squeeze through. Inside he struck a match, and immediately saw other small hieroglyphs. They lead him on, like a paper trail, into the pyramid’s depths until he came to a chamber which housed a lost treasure of Canopic Jars. He found a wine bottle sized one of Anubis, and slipped it into his coat pocket beside the whiskey.


He took out the notes about Nephren-Ka given him by Finn Edwards, a loose slip of paper fluttered to the floor, settling upon the ancient dust. It was a drawing with peculiar symmetry, which Mark cannot make head nor tail of. In disgust he struck yet another match and burned the clue. Movement–

Image Horror 1, Lore -1
(I haven’t time at the moment to make the rolls.)
Turn 8 Encounter Phase, the Bent Pyramid continued.


Image Horror 1, Lore -1
Horror test (Will 4); Tabs rolled 4d6: 6164
Lore -1; Tabs rolled 1d6: 5
:) 1 Eldritch token placed upon Mystery.

A fellaheen must have followed him inside. Mark should be frightened, to be confronted by a market badmash here of all places.


The ruffian strode forward out of the darkness. He drew out a wicked looking knife, but trod on the ashes of the burnt clue, and… the fellaheen disappeared, a string of arabic imprecations whispered faintly beyond the dust motes.


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