Turn 7 Action Phase, Istanbul
Action 1: travel to The Pyramids.
Action 2: use ability, vampire and Mark lose 1 Health.


One evening soon after arriving at the spa resort of Helouan, Mark, sat on the room’s balcony, was looking out over the Libyan desert, waiting patiently for the Pleiades to appear. He settled himself into the canvas lounge chair, tucking the quilt, off the bed, under his chin, ready to watch the constellation’s journey across the sky. Fluttering, followed by a soft tread, drew his attention away from reverie about his wife, Sophie; the balding hotel porter stood before him, Mark laughed incredulously:

“What the hell are you doing up here, man?”

But the vampire did not answer, it merely clawed at Mark’s leg; he gave back a straight left hook.

Turn 7 Encounter Phase, The Pyramids
ImageImage–(-1) Health
Combat vs. vampire, Horror test Will 4; Tabs rolled 4d6: 264
Combat test, Strength 4 -2[vampire] +5[kerosene]; Tabs rolled 7d6:

Image + Image

Tabs rolled 6d6: 123511

It was a close-run thing. Oddly, it was his magnifying glass which finished off the vampire; Mark killed the beast by ramming its ferule into the vampire’s eye.

Turn 7 Encounter Phase, Yuggoth


Mark retrieved the magnifying glass from the vampire’s leaking eye socket and gave its ferule a good wipe. He turned to go get help or escape, unsure which, when he realised that the evening had changed hue: it had a blue tint. He looked all around. Disks attached by metal rods were everywhere. Do these disks transmit information? he wondered.

Lore 1 -1; Tabs rolled 1d6: 3

“Hello, sir, my name is Taylor.” Mark was surprised by an unexpected voice, which drew his flagging concentration away from the disks. “I will teach you how to use the disks if you help me find tok’l?”

“Yes, yes of course,” replied a bewildered Mark.

Gain Image and close Gate.

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