Mark Harrigan spent a woeful Christmas and New Year 1919 in the Rhur. Way too far away from his beloved wife, Sophie, he was a very homesick soldier of the Allied occupation. And when he did return home she was gone, the body remained, possessed by some God-awful nightmare he had had the misfortune to encounter in the trenches [see The Sap by ghill], but what had made Sophie “Sophie” was no longer there. His thirst for vengeance drove Mark back to Europe, and he followed a trail which led him to Helsinki…

Turn 6 Action Phase

Action 1: gain a Train Ticket. 

Action 2: Travel to Rome, use ticket, and then onto Istanbul.

Mark overheard gossip about an American lady, a fellow investigator into the occult, who had disappeared in Istanbul. He boarded a train for Anatolia.

Turn 6 Encounter Phase, Istanbul (in case of crippling injury).


Mark diligently questioned the locals and after several mind-numbing hours of pigeon Turkish he was directed to the Meerut Hospital. He discovered the American alive but in a grisly state. With bandaged hands she motioned to her possessions, which he took, and with her eyes, her tongue having been plucked out, tried to direct Mark’s attention to something else in the room.

Observation 2 Tabs rolled 2d6: 31

He searched everywhere but couldn’t find whatever it was her imploring eyes said was in the room.

Mark arranged with a nurse to oversee comforts for the dying woman, it was the least he could do.

Gain Magnifying Glass, Know Thy Enemy and Train Ticket.


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