Turn 5 Action Phase, space 4.
Action 1: gain 1 Focus.
Action 2: (Component Action) gain 1 Focus.

Marie Lambeau breathed deeply. Her back was jammed against a log, in a hollow beneath a pine tree of some sort–she knew that it was a conifer because one of its cones was digging into her thigh. “Calm,” she murmured, “calm yourself, Marie.”

She could hear the cultists calling to each other as they searched the undergrowth. Her attempt to kill one of them had failed, a terrified stab at her assailant was all she managed; but she must try to murder again or the the nefarious ritual would continue.

Turn 5, Encounter Phase [Eldritch token].

Heavy sticks beat the bushes around Marie as the cultists searched frantically for The Smoky Velvet. She shrugged involuntarily at the ludicrous situation she found herself facing: insane, bestial peasants searching for her, and when they did… I’m gonna die, probably sacrificed–burned alive, “Sweet Jesus.” The thought of her moniker brought out a smile but, truly, she felt sick to the core.

At last, and she was almost thankful, her hiding place was discovered.

Image horror 1, toughness 2

Syzygy Cultist: horror test, Will 2 Tabs rolled 2d6: 54

Szygy Cultist, Combat test, Strength 2 +2[Ritual Dagger]  Tabs rolled 4d6: 5425

Eldritch token placed upon Mystery (2nd token, 4 required).


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