Turn 3 Mythos Phase


Mandy surveyed her appearance in the mirror. She was distraught to discover that her face had a sickly yellow hue and that there was swelling to her brow and cheek. The infection had caused it; she felt unlovely. Physical beauty was something that she always prided herself upon. The eyes of the loyal Sergei flickered and turned away when he spoke with her. Oh my beauty! What a world, what a world, were the thoughts which unconsciously echoed her favourite childrens’ story.

Turn 4 Action Phase
Action 1: Rest


Tabs rolled 1d6: 6

A cold compress of herbs and suchlike, which her loyal guide had gathered during their travels, was laid upon her forehead; she rested again. Mandy woke after a delicious nap, and immediately checked upon her looks; thankfully her colouring was healthy-pink and the swelling had gone down–So not elephantiasis then!

Action 2: Acquire a Train Ticket.

Almost skipping with joy and relief she made her way to the Lenin Locomotive Centre, where a stout, suspicious-looking woman grudgingly sold her a train ticket.

Turn 4 Encounter Phase, space 16 [City].


Knock! Knock-knock! Coffee and hot rolls?

Mandy yawned, then kicked away her quilt. She nipped across to her bedroom door–Oooh! it’s cold–and expectantly pulled it open. Scratched into the door were hieroglyphs, “What on earth is the meaning of this?”

Lore 3 Tabs rolled 3d6: 413

Perplexed, she closed the door. “Ow,” she cried, tugging her hand away from the brass doorknob; it was glowing red hot. And where she had grasped the doorknob some skin remained melted onto it, smoking pungently.

Lose 1 Health.



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