Mountains of Madness 4

work in progress


Agnes Baker was helped to a chair. She almost crumpled into it, her cheek lolling against its headrest.

“I’m utterly exhausted ” she whispered, rubbing her stomach and grimacing at the pain and memory of the aliens. She recognised Danforth kneeling before her, his face a picture of concern; also there was the peculiar oriental man whose mind she’d rescued. “Penderghast,” he said and bowed; finally there was Ursula and Sir William.

“Expedition to Antarctica,” she repeated Ursula’s words. Agnes nodded slowly in agreement. “Yes, we will go to Antarctica soon, God willing.” She shivered.


Agnes pushes the headphones a little harder against her ear and speaks loudly into the small trumpet on the radio set. “Please be careful Miss Downs. Throw some coins into the Trevi fountain for me!”

Turn 4, Action Phase: San Francisco

Gain 1 Focus, and Rest.

“Don’t be sorry,” replies Agnes, “We have the honour of saving our planet!” Danforth coughs quietly and Penderghast studies the sandals on his feet, she adds, “And Sir William and the others of course.”

She fingers the Clue, which Ursula gave to her, and wonders what the future holds for herself and pictures those awful, slavering beasts who await Ursula in Rome.


Poisoned Condition flipped:


Lore 4

Tabs rolled 4d6:

Agnes’ claw-like fingers grasp the armchair as she trembles and perspires, beads drip from her forehead and soak her blouse; both Danforth and Penderghast grip her forearms when she begins to convulse, jerking dangerously. Her veins glow with a frightening luminosity, before a stream of putrid light ejaculates out of her mouth.

Turn 4, Encounter Phase, San FanciscoImage

. . . study . . . Megapolisamancy . . . Lore 4

Tabs rolled 4d6:

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