Turn 2 Mythos Phase
Mandy sank down upon pit’s rock-cut floor and gently touched her temple. It was already swollen–and the splitting headache, an image of the wild excess fuelled by champagne, Armistice 1918, flitted through her pounding brain, “Oh God! my head.”
Turn 3 Action Phase

She lay down outside the cave upon a bower, cradled by moss and bracken, with Sergei attentively boiling water or dabbing at her skull with some awful rag, but Mandy felt too poorly to care. She closed her eyes.

Action 1: Rest; flip Poisoned condition “…you are haunted by terrifying visions.” Will -1 Tabs rolled 1d6: 5
Action 2: Travel to space 16.
Turn 3 Encounter Phase, space 16.


Mandy entered Nadym, a city in north USSR, riding a stunted pony; the poor beast had carried her across countless miles of tundra. She went straight to a library in order to research disappearances. The rumor, “Faded From Society,” was getting worse–the library’s admin staff barely payed any attention when she asked to leaf through their archives…

“….research similar occurrences from the past” Observation 4 Tabs rolled 4d6: 5455
…After several coffees, she learned of a Russian folktale where children go missing.
Spend 2 Clues; Rumor solved.

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