Turn 2 Action Phase, Tokyo
Action 1: Rest Image Tabs rolled 1d6: 5

Mandy asked physicist Hantaro Nagaoka if he knew of a consultant radiotherapist? Nagaoka was too polite to delve into her problem, simply referring her to a colleague at Tokyo General.

Several hours later she stood before Mifune-san trying, and failing, to explain her illness; his English was as dreadful as her Japanese. Exasperated, she hoicked up her skirt and pulled down one stocking, revealing her infected and blistered thigh. After the application of a most foul smelling ointment, the soreness and red colour began to vanish.

Action 2: Travel to space 19.
 Turn 2 Encounter Phase, space 19 [Wilderness]

Mandy’s ship berthed in Vladivostok. She employed a guide, Sergei, to lead her inland through Asia, her goal was to deal with a rumor named “Faded From Society.” The rumor ostensibly was about peasant folklore, but, if it came to fruition, would deny Mandy and her colleagues the means to fight “Evil [that] stirs beneath the sands of Egypt.” They are out there, she felt, colleagues or fellow investigators seeking to prevent the resurrection of the Dark Pharaoh: the unlucky reporter, the Arkham professor and the Minneapolis psychic.

Sergei and Mandy, who was kitted out in voluminous furs, detoured down to the Amur region–tiger country–to avoid any unwanted Soviet questions. In one village, where they rested with a bowl of warm goat’s milk, Mandy was intrigued by a circle of stones which surrounded the thatched dwellings.

Sergei noted her interest. “It is a calendar, gospozha, for predicting the solstices–so that these peasants know when it’s harvest time.”

“And that one,” said Mandy, pointing at a stone outside the circle.

“A directional marker–a pointer to some kind of holy site.”

Mandy scented a mystery. She and Sergei soon found a cave in the woods, it was filled by the frozen remains of the village dead. Shooting up a prayer for her trespass, she ventured deeper inside.

“…avoid falling down pits.” Observation 4. Tabs rolled 4d6: 2312

She carefully stepped around an infant. …The cave floor collapsed. Mandy landed upon her feet, but when her knees concertinaed she struck her temple upon a jutting rock.


Jacqueline Fine’s ability: Image and she gained 1 clue.

art 734_zpslzcy96ot-2


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