Under the Pyramids, 1 ii

Turn 1 Encounter Phase, Tokyo


Mandy Thompson turned the page with almost loving gentleness. The worm-eaten manuscript which she’d discovered strewn amongst other paraphernalia upon a rug in one of Tokyo’s outdoor flea markets, was a treasure of inestimable value to the researcher. She ran her finger under the characters.

“You can read Chinese?” asked a dapper gentleman.

“Some,” replied Mandy, standing up with a slight “Ooh.” She explained: “Stiff joints.”

“Then I recommend a cup of ginseng tea.” He introduced himself: “Hantaro Nagaoka.”


Over a tea cup with the brilliant physicist Mandy learned about spatial disruptions, which she connected to tears in the space-time continuum–gates to other worlds? Hantaro was so impressed by Mandy he offered her a contract to work at his laboratory, claiming, “I can use spatial disruptions as a weapon” in order to tempt her. However she reluctantly declined the offer, feeling that at the present time his work would be of no use to combat the forthcoming catastrophe.



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