Ms. Babbacombe

“All men are beasts!”–with that comment on love affairs she departed home, Stillborne, England, and set sail to New York, voyaging upon the White Star Line ship Oceanic.

A fresh start: Evie Babbacombe found herself at Hall School, Kingsport teaching “Incorruptibles.”

Little Sammy Smits was in love with her and presented a gift, which he had found under a hedgerow in Dunwich Fields, a beautiful pearlescent stone covered in a sprinkle of shiny dust–the Mica Pebble. Graciously, Ms. Babbacombe accepted it, slipping the stone into a pocket.

Waiting for her on the doormat was a letter from back home. Her mother had died, it said that she was in pain and alone at the end. Evie clasped the Mica Pebble and shed exactly two tears, one from each eye; the tears splashed upon the stone. The formula was completed, an onyx winged shape flapped around the room. Evie Babbacome gazed in awe at herself standing in front of her and at herself upon the couch.

i Ms. Babbacombe


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