Innsmouth Horror, 9

Patrice wandered up and down the Science Building’s linoleum corridors. “Hello, HELLO-O! Is there anyone here?” She plucked up courage and tried to open a heavily studded door with the legend “Electrical Experimentation” stencilled upon it. Patrice pushed at the door knob, but it was stuck… she pushed harder and the door flew open. In the far corner of the room, sat upon the floor, a man in a white lab coat was beating furiously at something; Patrice almost went into a decline when she pictured what the man was doing. “For God’s sake, what kind of vermin are you?”

The man swivelled round on his buttocks, clasping a rubber hammer. “It was gonna blow, again, but the hammer seems to work.”

“That is not at all scientific, I’d have thought?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” he said with a shrug.

“Look, sir, I have this fascinating gold-bug. Do you think the Science Building can tell me all about it?” Patrice reached into her skirt’s pocket.

The young man was shocked and alarmed, misinterpreting her words and action. “Whoa, tigress, now steady on!”



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