Innsmouth Horror, 7

Patrice stood in the mouth of the cave, scanning for any sign of danger. She spotted the hairy calf-stump of the troglodyte she had thumped, and thought: “He’s still lying there then.” It dawned on her that the man was dead. She shrank backwards into the cave.

An insistent buzzing came from a stricken gold-bug lying amongst the stones. She realised that the gold-bug was in fact the remnant of the gate to the other world, which she had adventured in and through. Stepping carefully around the thing, as if the gold-bug were a turd on the sidewalk, she looked for a rocky outcrop to perch upon where she could re-read the King in Yellow.


In the darkness of the cave Patrice happened upon the remains of a previous spelunker. The body began to bloat and split, releasing a horror within.



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