The Gathering


“Help!” cried the librarian.

Skids raced into the Hallway. Daisy was cornered by a blasphemy and Lita, Lita’s wrists were gripped by a masked terror, pinning her down against the stairs; its engorged phallus, covered in rot and tipped by an abscess, wavered between her thighs. Skids had absolutely no compunction in stabbing it between the shoulder blades, Lita, too, jerked her shin and smacked against stretched glands. It reared-up with an orgasmic spasm, then collapsed on the dirt floor.

“Fucking hell!” Skids choked, and vomited down his shirt front.

Action 1 and 2: gain 1 resource [Skids now has 3].

Action 3: move to the Hallway.

Action 4: play Backstab. Agility 4 +2[Manual Dexterity] Mythos token
Tabs rolled 1d16:
[0] vs. 4

Success! Damage 1 +1[Lita] +2[Backstab], Ghoul Priest defeated [10/10].


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