Captain Richard Burton


Captain Richard Burton, a political agent, returned home from India in disgrace; his commanding officer had received a copy of Burton’s new book The Tantric One: An exploration of the Hindoo, “Filth!” Although Burton is not a lascivious man, well, no more than the average, he is fascinated by human nature—urges and impulses chiefly—and his “studies” stem from a genuine desire for knowledge.

Nevertheless, despite his altruistic wish to educate or “free” others, his long suffering wife had barred him from the family estate. Consequently he resided in London Town at the East India Club.

STR 11
CON 13
SIZ 11
DEX 13
APP 12
INT Idea 14 [70%]
POW Luck 15 [75%]
EDU Know 14 [70%]

Damage Bonus 0
Sanity [Current Sanity] 99
HP [Current HP] 12
MP [Current MP] 15

EDU x 20 and INT x 10 = 420

Skills: French 30%, Punjabi 30%, Arabic 30%, Ride 40%, Spot Hidden 50%, Anthropology 50%, Climb 60%, Swim 50%, Persuade 50%, Navigation 50%, Art (Painting) 35%, Jump 40%

“I can pick up languages quickly, very quickly,” he drawled—confident without a trace of arrogance. “Give me a week with an intelligent native, and I’ll have a smattering of the mumbo jumbo.”

Weapon Skills: Pistol 50%, Knife 50% (Bowie Knife)

Personal Effects / Equipment: Darwin’s The Descent of Man and On the Origin of Species, notebooks etc. and paint box, compass, and brass sundial.


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