Isopel Astarte


The Story So Far:

“Tonight’s performance is by the Arkham Theatrical Society. Doctor Faustus!”

A sycophantic murmur—the sponsor of the production is Carl Sanford.

The Silver Twilight Lodge congregation clapped, the curtain was drawn back, and the players on the stage acknowledged the audience; Isopel Astarte curtsied. Speaking clearly but with a hint of breathlessness she began:

“Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.

Think’st thou that I, who saw the face of God,

And tasted the eternal joys of heaven,

Am not tormented with ten thousand hells

In being deprived of everlasting bliss?”


“The play was a triumph!”

“Our leading lady is both talented and beautiful.”

Isopel refilled another glass of punch, handing it to a portly man with ruined teeth.

“Uncle,” she said, turning round to Carl Sanford who stood behind her, “tomorrow I return to Switzerland; but school is such a bore! Oh how I wish I could stay here with you, and be an actress with the Arkham Theatrical Society. Please…”

“My dear, I see that it’s time. You must join us at the ‘Lodge.”


“Ouch!” Isopel sat up in her bed; she was awoken by a sting at the back of her throat. Several floors below she felt the pound of a bass drum and heard fluting music from the party which she had long since left. She slipped on her dressing gown, and then quietly trod downstairs. She hoped to snaffle a bottle of “champers.”

The door to the ‘Lodge’s hall was ajar. She peeked through it, stifling a giggle, and then choked because of what she saw: her uncle and the portly man were cavorting—in rhythm to the beating of a huge drum—upon the stage, cheered on by a braying mob. The sight of Carl Sanford’s sweating face, vice shining out from every pore, would stay burned in her mind for a long time.


3 thoughts on “Isopel Astarte

  1. Personal Story:

    Flinging her clothes into a crocodile skin suitcase, Isopel prepared to run away. She touched her throat, fearing for her tonsils because they ached so much.

    “I will flee from this vileness—” she stopped, at an utter loss to describe the goings on of her uncle, she added vaguely: “I will put an end to it!”

    She ran away into the night, but not before pocketing a valuable-looking bell from the trophy cabinet in the ‘Lodge’s foyer.

    “A girl’s gotta eat.”


  2. Personal Story continued

    Deus ex machina


    If Isopel eats or drinks anything e.g. cake at Velma’s Diner or discards a Food or Whisky card place Purge in play.


    If the doom track ever has 7 or more doom tokens place A god triumphant in play.


    The spasms in Isopel’s stomach increased in violence until her whole body convulsed like an acrobat’s. A gross crustacean was ejected out of her mouth. She stamped upon it with her stiletto shoe, impaling its horny shell.

    To witness evil can damage a young soul forever; however, knowledge is power. A Gate cannot open at the Silver Twilight Lodge. If a Gate is already open, close it immediately. N.B. this location does not count towards a sealed Gate victory.

    A god triumphant

    Isobel clutched at her chest, feeling that she was being eaten alive from within, an eternity of acute agony. She fell upon the floor, dead. Seconds later she was risen as a new woman.

    Isopel is devoured. A Cultist from the monster cup replaces her.


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